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Sean Cho

“Come and See” is an invitation our Lord Jesus extended to couple of curious disciples (John 1:39).  It is an invitation to spend time with Jesus, learn from Jesus and grow as disciples of Jesus. Jesus still is inviting young people of this generation to grow as disciples of Jesus.  It is our prayer for our second generation missionaries and young college students to be equipped and be sent out to serve God and His kingdom work. Please pray for the Come and See movement to be led by the Holy Spirit’s leading and aligned with the Great Commission in UBF context.

Vision: God may raise a new generation of disciples of Jesus across USA and around the world among the young people in UBF ministry to serve campus ministry and world mission purpose.

Mission: To equip, train and pray for young people who desire to grow as disciples of Jesus. To promote fellowship, accountability and training for those who desire to grow as disciples of Jesus.

Strategy: Short term strategy is to establish core members in the Chicago area chapter under the leadership of Pastor Teddy, Little-Sarah Kim and Edward Papabathini. Mid term Strategy is to have a Young People’s conference in October and Key Verse testimony sharing in December this year. Long term Strategy is to reach out to others in Midwest area, Mid Atlantic area, West Coast and East Coast area. 

What has been done in 2017?

1.     Easter Conference: Around 69 Students gathers to review the gospel at the Chicago wide United Easter Conference that was held on April 7-9. This was a work of the Holy Spirit and all the attendees were so willing and excited to participate in discipleship and get to know other young people outside of their small chapters. They were divided into four groups where they can work on one area of spiritual discipline such as Prayer, Word, Fellowship and Evangelism.

2.     Prayer Group: After the Easter conference, the Prayer group met and decided to pray for 40 days. They kept up with 40 days of prayer vigil. They continue to prayer weekly for disciples and for world mission using the book Operation World. The core members are Hanna Lee, Stephanie Polvi, Mary Park, Shanitra Cooper, Suvd, and Joann Ismael.

3.     Fellowship Group: The Fellowship group leaders organized two events: Ice cream social at the Triton Bible house in June and Picnic in July. In addition to getting to know people from other chapter, they shared testimonies and key verse and prayer topics. It was very encouraging. The core members are Erick Lopez, Dan Holovicki, Tristin Pasado, Ruth, Josh and Michael Young.

What needs to be done…

4.     Word Group and Evangelism Group are planning to do a workshop on how to study the Bible. All are welcome to join the Evangelism group to receive training how to share the gospel and go fishing on campuses.

Prayer topics:
1.     The Holy Spirit may call and mobilize young people around Chicago area.
2.     To pray more than to plan.
3.     For God to work in the hearts of core leaders to catch God’s vision.
4.     To work closely with chapter leaders and get full support and prayer.
5.     For October student conference to inspire young people to follow Jesus.

By Lt. Sarah Ki,