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2018 Staff Conference Bible Study Questions

Sean Cho


Acts 1:1-14
Key Verse: 1:8                                                                                                                  

1.    What did the author Luke write about in his former book (1-2)? What did the Risen Jesus do before his ascension (3)? Why is a conviction of Jesus’ resurrection important to us? How is Jesus’ resurrection related to the kingdom of God?


2.    What did Jesus command his apostles, and why (4a; Lk 24:47)? What promise did Jesus remind them of (4b-5)? To fulfill God’s will, why did the apostles need to be baptized by the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:18-20; 15:26-27)?


3.    How did the apostles reveal their own expectations (6)? What did Jesus’ answer mean for them (7)? Read verse 8. What was God’s vision? How would it be carried out? How is being Jesus’ witness related to God’s vision, for the apostles and for us?


4.    What is the meaning of Jesus’ ascension (9; Ac 2:33)? How would Jesus return (10-11)? Why is the hope of his return important?


5.    What did the apostles do after Jesus’ ascension (12-14)? Who was involved in united prayer, and what is the significance of it? What can we learn from them in preparing to receive the Holy Spirit?