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2018 Staff Conference Bible Study Questions - 2

Sean Cho


Revelation 5:1-14
Key Verse: 5:12

* The book of Revelation tells about the second coming of Jesus who brings final victory. In chapters 1-3, the glorious Risen Jesus commends and rebukes the seven churches on earth, who struggled to live by faith. In chapters 4-5, the scene shifts to God’s throne in heaven to reveal the vision of God’s final victory. We want to focus on the Lamb, who alone is worthy to receive worship, and how God’s vision is fulfilled in the Lamb.

1.    Describe the scene at the throne of God (1-5). What is the significance of the scroll and its seals[1]? Why was John brokenhearted? Who is worthy to open the scroll?

2.    Who is at the center of the throne and how is he portrayed (6)? What does he do (7)? How did the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders respond (8; 4:4,7)?

3.    Read verses 9-10. How do the four living creatures and twenty-four elders lead worship of the Lamb, and why? What blessings and promises are given through the death of the Lamb? What does it mean to be “a kingdom and priests”?

4.    Read verses 11-12. Who joined the heavenly worship and what were they saying in a loud voice? Imagine the majesty of this scene! What attributes are ascribed to the Lamb[2] and why (5:5a)?

5.    Read verses 13-14. How does this glorious scene reflect the restoration of all creation? How does this heavenly worship inspire us to see God’s vision in the midst of our difficulties?
[1] The scroll contains God’s plan for creation which unfolds progressively throughout the book of Revelation. The seven seals prevent the full disclosure and enactment of its contents.

[2] Revelation uses a special word for “Lamb” (arnion) 29 times. The connotation is not only a sacrifice for sin, but also a mighty conqueror.