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What We Believe


We believe in God; one God in three Persons--God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 


We believe that God is the author of everything that is-- the heavens and the earth, the spiritual and the physical, and everything else in the universe. So, we believe he is sovereign over all things, that everything belongs to him, and that he reveals himself and can be seen in what he's created. 


We believe that God made human beings in his image, that we are all of equal worth to him. We believe that God made us to be relational; to love him and to be loved by him. So, we believe that everyone is made to be connected with God. 

The Fall

We believe that since the fall of Adam we are all separated from God (sin). We believe that God is just and that, in sin and apart form him, his just price for our separation is our death.


We believe that God is both truth and love. We believe that since our fall into sin, God has put into action his plan for our redemption.


We believe that Jesus Christ is God and man. We believe that God himself came as Jesus for our redemption.

The Cross

We believe that Jesus died on the cross as the once-and-for-all payment for our sins. We believe that through faith, his payment on the cross is the full and final price for our redemption.

The Resurrection

We believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. We believe that he ascended into heaven and is now with God the Father. We believe that Jesus' resurrection gives our redemption from sin eternal significance. We believe that this resurrection gives us new life today, and eternal life with him forever.

The Gospel

We believe that Jesus' death and resurrection is the fulfillment of God's redemptive plan for us. We believe that because of who Jesus is, because of his atoning death on the cross and because of his resurrection, he is our only way of salvation from sin, death and is our connection back to God. We believe that this is good news for both us as believers and for all people. We believe that, in the Gospel, we are made righteous by grace alone, through faith alone. 

The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit is God. We believe that the Holy Spirit works for our regeneration. We believe that God sent his Holy Spirit to empower his church to share the Gospel to the world. We believe that the Holy Spirit works in the heart of every believer to lead him or her to enjoy God and live in step with him.

The Church

We believe that the fellowship of believers is the body of Christ and that all Christians are members of it. 

The Bible

We believe that God speaks. We believe that God speaks to us most clearly through the Bible; his inspired words of truth and life. We believe that by reading and reflecting on these words, we can better come to know and understand both God and ourselves. 

All Things New

We believe that Jesus will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead. We believe that when this happens, God will come and restore everything, make all things new.